This marriage list is NOT complete but will be added to over time. Dates after 1943 are not shown to give privacy to living people. If you want help with later dates please email.
Marriage Given Surname Spouse  
1900 Alfred Chatton Mary Wallace view
1900 Alice Ethel Chatton Harry Bloomfield view
1900 Dorothy Ann Chatten Reed Stonebanks Howey view
1900 Ella May Chatten Roland Earrey view
1900 Esther Chatten Albert Ernest Salts view
1900 Sarah Jane Chattin Edward Turner view
1901 Charles William Chatten Louisa Yates view
1901 Clara Chattin - married in Chorlton Joseph Shirt view
1901 Dora Mildred Chatten Barnard James Darkins view
1901 Elizabeth Chatton - married in Lanchester Thomas Wallace ? view
1901 Emily Agnes Chatten - married Mutford, Suffolk John Edward Moulton view
1901 Harriet Agnes Chatten William Frederick Davidson view
1901 James Chatten - married North Witchford, Norfolk Mary Ann Brown view
1901 James William Chatten Hannah Pointen view
1901 Sarah Ann Chatten - married Sep qtr Dudley Jacob Whitehouse view
1901 Sarah Jane Chatten - married Durham John Thomas Phillips view
1901 Susannah Chatten - married Plomesgate district Frederick Samuel Kerridge view
1901 Thomas Chatten - married Dudley Sarah Pountney view
1901 William Henry Robert Chatten Linnet E Walters view
1902 Charles Chatten Elizabeth Sarah Rickmore Rattle view
1902 Charles Chatton Mary Ann Cashion view
1902 Edith Maria Chatten James Aldous Saunders view
1902 Elizabeth Chattan - married Hartlepool view
1902 Frank Chatten Annie Pates view
1902 George Henry Chatten Elizabeth Ann Horsman view
1902 Jane Edith Chatten John Bales view
1902 John Chattin Jane Lloyd view
1902 Mary Chattin George Henry Marsh view
1902 William Albert Chatton Ada Burgess view
1902 William George Chatten Elizabeth Peck view
1902 William Joseph Chatten Clara Jane Thompsett view
1903 Benjamin Chattin Frances Mary Hough view
1903 Charles Robert Chatten Elizabeth Sampson Arness view
1903 Emily Jane Chatten Henry Lynes view
1903 Emma Ethel Chatten - married Erpingham district Edward James Eke view
1903 Ernest Chattin Rebecca Johnson view
1903 Florence Eleanor Chatton / married Hastings Arthur Henton view
1903 Isabel Chatten Sam Alden view
1903 James Chatten Elizabeth (Hannah) Walker view
1903 Richard Chatten Lydia Ireson view
1903 Richard John Chatten Ann Maria Hibbins view
1903 Robert Joseph Chatten Louisa Fletcher view
1903 Rose Alice Chatten Fred Talbot view
1903 Sarah Elizabeth Chatten Roger Clarkston Hart view
1903 Sophia Charlotte Chatten Alexander Augustus Hutchins view
1904 Albert Chatton - married Battle Ada Blanche Dandridge view
1904 Annie Maria Chatten/Chatton - married Sudbury - probably Chatters  
1904 Beatrice Chatten - married Norwich Horace Richard Marshal view
1904 Caroline Chatten William Sharman view
1904 Ellen Jane Chatten - married Blything district John Arthur Catchpole view
1904 Ethel Elvina Chatten William George Barker view
1904 James Perkins Chatten Maud Lane view
1904 John Chatton - married Lancashire Barton I Hancock Agnes view
1904 Henry Chatten Alice Hart view
1904 Joseph William Chatten Elizabeth Ann Elgey view
1904 Lily Chatton Aleck John Searles view
1904 Marian Chatten Walter John Horne view
1904 Sarah Alice Chatton - married Bolton William Thomas Howarth view
1904 William Edward Chatten/Chatton - married Sudbury - probably Chatters  
1905 Amelia Matilda Chatten Arthur George Ford view
1905 Arthur Rowland Chattin Edith Harrold view
1905 Florence C Chatten Orten Henry Partridge view
1905 Florence Elizabeth Chatten Herbert Philpott view
1905 Hannah Ann Chatten - married Samford district, near Ipswich view
1905 Sarah Chatten - married Stourbridge George William Marshall view
1906 Annie Chattin - married Lancashire Barton I Clifford Grimshaw view
1906 Beatrice May Chatten William Henry Hansell view
1906 Bertie Maurice Chatten Ethel Davey view
1906 Edith Mary Chattin - married Reigate Alan George Marquis view
1906 Elizabeth Mary Chatton - married Bolton William Chorlton view
1906 Ellen Elizabeth Chatten Thomas Samuel Harper view
1906 Frank Chatten Amelia Elizabeth Bowen view
1906 Gertie Emma Chatten Ernest James Cole view
1906 James Chatten Frances Hannah Brown view
1906 Jane Chatten - married Aylesbury, Bucks Alfred Miller view
1906 Robert George Chatten Annie Elizabeth Simmonds view
1906 Sarah Ann Chatten - married Middlesbrough  
1906 William Chatten Florence Humphries view
1907 Bertha Chatton - married London  
1907 Emma Ethel Chatten Herbert Mouncer view
1907 Florence Mabel Chatten Edmund Percy Stanley Cattle view
1907 Frederick Chatten Faith Riseborough view
1907 Hannah Victoria Chatten Herbert R Pygall view
1907 Isabella Rebecca Chatten Harry George Bloomfield view
1907 Joseph Chattin - married Burton , Staffs Lillian Maud Taylor view
1907 Lawrence Chattin Alice Nye view
1907 Mary Jane Chattin - married Stoke Thomas Finikin view
1907 William Philip Chatten Mary Jane Ashton view
1908 David Chatten - married Middlesbro Amelia Stevens view
1908 Edward Ernest Chatten view
1908 Ernest Henry Chatten Emma Susana Hilsden view
1908 George Victor Chatten - married Farnham Minnie Mullard view
1908 Isaac Thomas Chatten Sarah Jane Bartle view
1908 Lillian Chatten - married Hunslet Walter Harrison view
1908 Louisa - Louise Chatten - married Birkenhead John Green view
1908 Mary Jane Chatten - married Dewsbury Ernest Hill view
1908 Phoebe Ann Chatton - married Durham John Lister view
1908 William Chatten - married Dewsbury Elizabeth Naylor view
1908 William Archibald Chatten - married Carlisle Hannah Mary Murray view
1908 Willie Chatton - married Bolton district Beatrice Goldsbury view
1909 Charles Mildon Chattin Elizabeth Perry McMahon view
1909 Edith Chatten - married Wangford district Ernest Henry Newson view
1909 Elizabeth Martha Chatten - married Aylsham, Norfolk William Thomas Smith view
1909 Ellen Chatten - married Norwich Sidney Ernest Read view
1909 Ethel Ada Chatten James Ezra Bond view
1909 Fanny Mary Chatten view
1909 Harriet Elsey Chatten - married Hartismere district view
1909 James Chatten - married Rotherham Harriet Ann Jones view
1909 James Dorothy Chatten Elizabeth Cameron view
1909 John Dorothy Chatten Louisa Newton Ramsay view
1909 Mary Chatten - married N Witchford, Norfolk John Dalliday view
1909 Matilda Chatten - married Mutford district, Suffolk Herbert Borchers view
1909 Rebecca Chattin - married Cockermouth William Coulson Hill view
1910 Charles W Chattin - married London Ella Marie Baggs view
1910 Ethel Mabel Chatten - married Cambridge Thomas William Melbourne view
1910 Nellie Chatton - married Gateshead Thomas Stuart view
1910 Sydney G Chatton Flora Smith view
1910 William Frederick Chatten Susannah Cummins view
1910 William Henry Chatten Gladys Griffiths view
1911 Catherine I Chatten Stephen Wiseman view
1911 Clara E Chatten Albert E Scrase view
1911 Elizabeth Chatten - married Wirral Joseph Jones view
1911 Emily Chatten - married Daventry Albert Russon view
1911 Ernest Robert Chatten Katie Mabel Berry view
1911 Florence A Chattin - married Wolverhampton Charles T Nightingale view
1911 Florence C Chattin - married Bradford Emsley Tidswell view
1911 Henry C Chatton - married Southwark Emily Thompson view
1911 Herbert James Chatten Elizabeth Ann Johnson view
1911 Nellie Chatton - married Cheshire Walter Latham view
1911 Samuel Chatton - married Bolton view
1911 Thomas Chattin Agnes Mucklow view
1911 William Thomas James Chatten Alice Gwendoline Chapman view
1912 Ann E Chatten Walter Ruston view
1912 Beatrice (Beatie) Chatten Jack Seeley view
1912 Edward Henry Chatton Gertrude Prew view
1912 Edward Wilfred George Chatten Hannah Brookman view
1912 Eleanor C Chatten - married Islington James S Hinks view
1912 Frank G Chatton Lily Alchin view
1912 Honor E Chatten John Howes view
1912 Maria E Chatten William C Redgrave view
1912 Mary A Chatton - married Bucklow district Eric C Davies view
1913 Ada Chatton - married Bolton John S Wilde view
1913 Albert James Chatten Christina Quinn view
1913 Elizabeth Chatten - married Aston Joseph Smith  
1913 Emma E Chatten - married Erpingham Percy E Bunkell view
1913 Frank Chatten Mary Eliza McDonald view
1913 Herbert C Chatten Alice M Gowers view
1913 Hiram D Chatton Fanny Carr view
1913 John T Chatten Ellen A Corner view
1913 Lilly A E Chatten William H G Berry view
1913 Nellie E Chatten James Blyth view
1913 Susie Kathleen Chatten - married Willesden John Robert Walker view
1913 William Chatten Gladys R Scrancher view
1913 William Robert Chatten Gertrude Ellen Simmons view
1914 Alice Mabel Chatten Ben Murdoch view
1914 Edith Isabel Chatten George H Pickering view
1914 Edith M Chatten - married Norwich Louis B? Henderson  
1914 Ellen A Chattin - married Wandsworth Edward C Gardner view
1914 Elizabeth Chattin - married Pontypridd Henry A Nicholas  
1914 George William Chatten Florence Jackson view
1914 Hilda E Chatton Sydney H Acres view
1914 Stephen Frederick Chattin Elizabeth Gertrude Ellis view
1915 Ada Chatten Dyson Lobley view
1915 Annie H Chatten - married Wangford Henry Ernest Fairhead view
1915 Annie S Chatten - married Prescot, Lancashire Willie H Chinery view
1915 Agnes Margaret Chatten Alfred John Strickland view
1915 Audrey C Chatten Lancelot H Bush view
1915 Ernest James Chatten Florence A Walton view
1915 Edith E Chatton Lewis Riley view
1915 Fred W J Chatten Annie L Drake view
1915 Frederick Charles Chatten Edith Gertrude Woolnough view
1915 Gertrude M Chatten - married Aylsham, Norfolk Henry M Quinton view
1915 James Randall Chatten Elizabeth Curson view
1915 Laura Louise Chatten William Horace Brown view
1915 Madge Margaret Chatten Patrick James McDonald view
1915 Maria Chatten - married Ripon Arthur Johnson view
1915 Mary J Chatten - married Stourbridge Samuel Cartwright view
1915 Maude M A Chatten Frederick J Tuffee view
1915 Minnie Rachel Chatten Henry Ernest Fairhead view
1915 Nathan Chatten Violet R Brown view
1915 Rachel S Chatten Albert E Vicary view
1915 Richard Chatten Emma Ireson view
1915 Thomas Chattin Olive Kate Warren view
1915 Walter Chattin Beatrice Hughes view
1916 Beatrice E Chatten - married Mutford district George F Manning view
1916 Blanche A Chatten Francis A Johns view
1916 Evelyne C Chatton Frank Ashurst view
1916 Henry Chatten Violet Elizabeth Tucker view
1916 John Thomas Chatten Ellen Elizabeth Felstead view
1916 Joseph Chatten Phoebe Mansell view
1916 Mary M Chatton / married Sedgefield John W Walker view
1916 Reginald F Chatten Daisy E Frost view
1916 Samuel Chatten Annie Callaghan view
1916 Shadrack Chatten Mabel M Reeder view
1917 Alice F Chatten William T Lincoln view
1917 Benjamin Reginald Chatten Jane Shelton view
1917 Dorothy M Chatten Thomas Crabtree view
1917 Harriet Chatten George Emerson view
1917 Harriett R Chatten William Edmunds view
1917 Herbert H Chatten Elizabeth Mercy Kemp view
1917 James Chatten Sarah J King view
1917 Margaret Chatten - married H Hempstead Norman C Lone view
1917 Minnie Chatten - married Dudley district James Flemings view
1918 Annie -- also listed as Jane Chatten Alfred Norwood
1918 Constance G Chattin Edward H Bushell view
1918 Edith M Chatten George W Rine view
1918 Florence Chatten William H Whittington view
1918 Frederick William Chatten Edith May Fletcher view
1918 Frank Chatten Edith Fawcett view
1918 George Chatten - married Middlesbro Caroline Ford view
1918 Harold Reginald Chattin Evelyn A Ellis view
1918 Helen Maud Chatten Thomas Hill Burke Grierson view
1918 Jane Chatten - married Dudley Alfred Norwood view
1918 Mabel A Chatten - married Depwade district Harry S Bellamy view
1918 Nellie Chatten - married Stourbridge district Simeon Marshall view
1918 Sarah Chattin Joseph Pearsall view
1918 Sydney J Chatton Lilian M Cousens view
1918 Walter Henry Chatten Edith Sophia Cole view
1919 Alan E Chattin Violet E Dobree view
1919 Amy Chatten Albert Louis Lewis view
1919 Beatrice May Chattan George R Harbort view
1919 Eleanor J Chatten / married Ripon Stanley L Wray view
1919 George C Chatton Margaret M Cotterell view
1919 George H H Chatten Helena M Bowman view
1919 Gertrude E/K Chatten William H Judge view
1919 Laura Chatton Walter Wells view
1919 Marjorie H Chatten Briton S Robson view
1919 Martha A Chatten George W E Hatchman view
1919 Phyllis A Chatton / married Totnes Vivian H L Cooper view
1919 Sarah A Chatten - married Dewsbury Harold Howard view
1919 Sarah E Chatton - married Sedgefield George H Wall view
1919 Sidney Robert Chatton Ada R Fisher view
1919 Walter Chattin - married Stourbridge district Emma Pearson view
1919 Walter Sydney Chatten Alice Collins view
1919 Winifred Chatten - married Halifax Charles F Letto view
1920 Annie Chatton - married Bolton John Liston view
1920 Albert E Chattin - married Wolverhampton Dorothy L Northwood view
1920 Dorothy M Chatten Edward W Lupson view
1920 Edith Chatten Sydney Cherry view
1920 Eliza Chatten - married Nuneaton Alfred Buckler view
1920 Ethel M Chatten - married Norwich James W Sayer view
1920 Frederick A Chatten Lily M Thrower view
1920 George Walter Chatten Cordelia Great view
1920 Isabel N Chattan - married Liverpool area Louis J H Warnken view
1920 Jessie F Chatten - married Epsom George M H Fenner view
1920 Martha H Chatten - married Marylebone John S Salt view
1920 Maurice F Chatten Mabel Johnston view
1920 Mildred E Chatten George W Smith view
1920 Mina C or O Chatten - married Plomesgate district Frederick O Ashford view
1920 Thomas Chatton - married Chelsea Annie L Johnstone view
1920 William Henry Chatten Beatrice Louise Berry view
1921 Beatrice L Chatten Reginald E Napper view
1921 Charles R Chatten - married Chelmsford Rosaleen M Bellamy view
1921 Charles Redvers Chatten Winnifrid Louise Wood view
1921 Daisy Burroughs Chatten Richard Johnson view
1921 Ernest A Chatten Kitty Fitzgerald view
1921 Eveline M Chatten Herbert J Anderson view
1921 Frank Chatten Catherine Llewellyn view
1921 Frank Stanley Chatten Ethel Hampton view
1921 Harriett F? Chatten - married Wangford district Harry Kent view
1921 Isabella E M Chatten - married Lambeth George S Jenner view
1921 Kate Chatten Alfred Stagg view
1921 Kate E M Chatten - married Chertsey Charles F Small view
1921 Lily Norah Chatten Frank Backhouse view
1921 Margaret Daisy Chatten Walter Herbert Jones view
1921 Sam W Chattin Alice M Angerson view
1921 Thomas Chatton Ethel Shaw view
1921 William Charles Chatten Bridget Mullins view
1921 William J H Chatten - married Woolwich- Surname should be Chatters Minnie J Harber  
1922 Blanche Chatten - married Kings Norton Ernest Day view
1922 Edith H Chattin - married Croydon Walter H Soughton view
1922 Ellen M Chatten - married near Bradford Archie Watkinson view
1922 Emily E Chatten Cyril G Dingley view
1922 Florence Chattin - married Wigan Thomas Ashcroft view
1922 Frank Chattin Charlotte E Dudley view
1922 Isabel N Chatten - married Liverpool area Louis J H Warren view
1922 James Chatten Edith Bell view
1922 Mabel E Chatten - married Limehouse, London Isaac J Thomlinson view
1922 Selina A Chatten George Brown view
1922 Thomas West Chatten Margaret Fitzgerald view
1922 William S Chatten Mary Howe view
1923 Amy Chatten - married Kensington Robert E F Mackett view
1923 Charles Edward Victor Chatten Ester R A Clark view
1923 Edward W G Chatten Winifred Mabel Rhodes view
1923 Elizabeth A Chatton - married Newcastle T William Rutherford view
1923 Ethel R Chatten - married Woolwich Ernest T Gittus view
1923 Gladys M Chattin - married Wolverhampton Charles D B Dovey view
1923 Harold Chatten Lily Curry view
1923 Henry Chatten Eliza Walker view
1923 Joseph Chattin - married Stourbridge district Alice Marsh view
1923 Olive R Chatten Reginald Michell view
1923 Percy W Chattin - married Gainsbro Eva Storrs view
1923 Phoebe Chatten - married Stourbridge George Hook view
1923 William E Chatten Charlotte Godfrey view
1923 William H Chatten Isobel Edgar view
1923 William H L Chattin Martha Jones view
1924 Ann E Chatten - married Hunslet Alfred Beeston view
1924 Elizabeth A Chatton - married Easington John T Roberts view
1924 Ernest M Chatten Mabel M Reader view
1924 Esther M Chatten - married Woolwich George J C Jarrold view
1924 Ethel M Chatton - married Thanet George F Crooks view
1924 Flora Chatten - married Rochford Harry Drake view
1924 George Chattin - married Wigan Mary G O'Brien view
1924 George Chatten - married Middlesbrough Annie McNamara view
1924 George Edward Branch Chatten Mary Anne Ord view
1924 George Henry Chatten Alice E Hazell view
1924 Gladys F V Chatten Ernest Robert Thurston view
1924 Henry Albert Chatten Evelyn Ada Reardon view
1924 Hilda Chatton - married Kensington Sidney E Sheather view
1924 James W Chatten Gertrude E Loose view
1924 John Chatten - married Birkenhead Emma Cubbins view
1924 John W Chatten Florence L Hughes view
1924 Lillian Maud Chatten Bob Free view
1924 Lydia Chatten - married Norwich Anthony Coe view
1924 Phoebe M A Chattin - married Dudley Lewis Hinton view
1924 Phyllis G Chatten Ronald D Hawkins view
1924 Sidney Chatten Violet M Kirby view
1925 Alice Chattin - married Wandsworth Alfred Hinkley view
1925 Bessie E Chatten Dick Newman view
1925 Dorothy I Chattin - married London Alan L Garrett view
1925 Elizabeth Chatten - married Banbury Percy Grantham view
1925 Florence P Chatten Arthur S Lewis view
1925 Hannah M Chatton - married Sedgefield Redvers Pratt view
1925 Hannah M Chatton - married Easington Frank Purvis view
1925 Kathleen E Chatten Leonard R Gunstone view
1925 Mary E Chatten Archibald V Brooks view
1925 Percy Chatten Kate E Garrod view
1925 Reginald Randal Chatten Elsie Edith Kewley view
1925 Shadrack Chatten Edith Maud Downing view
1925 Violet M Chatten - married Mitford district Philip W Leeder view
1925 William H Chatten - married Dudley Ethel Pearson view
1926 Archibald W Chatten Daisy E Chatten view
1926 Clara Chattin - married Cockermouth Albert E Greatorex view
1926 Daisy E Chatten Archibald William Chatten view
1926 Ellen E Chatten - married Norwich Claude H Nelson view
1926 George Chatten - married Depwade district Ethel Mickleburgh view
1926 George C A Chattin Winifred A M Barden view
1926 Grace E Chatten - married Norwich Martell view
1926 Henry Chatten Ada Jennings view
1926 Laura E Chatten Alfred J Mayo view
1926 Mabel G Chatten Albert E Moss view
1926 Margery Chattin - married Plomesgate district Charles R Blowers view
1926 Myra K Chatten Frederick Simmonds view
1927 Beatrice R Chatten - married Norwich Russell F Howes view
1927 Doris M Chatten Walter E Greenwood view
1927 Elizabeth Chatten - married Dewsbury Joseph C Lockwood view
1927 Ethel M Chatten - married Blything district William B Moore view
1927 Evelyn I Chatten - married Erpingham Sidney A Wright view
1927 George Henry Chatten Dorothy May Button view
1927 George William Chatten Ethel Little view
1927 Ivy M B Chatten - married Wangford Charles Campbell view
1927 James H Chatten - married Yarmouth Mary A Parker view
1927 William H G Chatten Ida M Brice view
1927 William L Chattin - married Wandsworth Alice Wilde view
1928 Annie Chatten John G Holder view
1928 Emily M E Chatten Arthur R Stammers view
1928 Ernest J Chatten Elin W L Breiesser view
1928 Gordon West Chatten Violet Evelyn Parry view
1928 John H Chatten Nora Brittain view
1928 John Henry Chatten Annie E Lane view
1928 Sarah Chatten - married Stourbridge William Marsh view
1928 Thomas W Chatton Beatrice Ogdon view
1928 William Chatten May Cook view
1928 William S Chatten Ellen F Timby view
1929 Agnes Muriel Chatten - married Stepney Leonard A Fletcher view
1929 Alfred A G Chatton Elsie M Raven view
1929 Cecil H Chattin Doris M Elsey view
1929 Charles D Chatten Sophia E Wiseman view
1929 Ethel I Chatten - married Plomesgate district Harry A Aldridge view
1929 Frederick George Chatten Mabel E Smith view
1929 Mabel C L Chatten Charles Watts view
1930 Alice L Chatten - married Epsom Frederick Green view
1930 Charles W Chatten Lilian E Leay view
1930 Daniel Chatton Elsie Teal view
1930 Edward W Chatton - married Woolwich Winifred N Wadsworth view
1930 Ethel May Chatten Alexander McKenzie view
1930 Evelyn M Chatten - married West Ham William E Barry view
1930 Florence L Chatten - married Dudley Gilbert L Hickman view
1930 Frances E Chatton - married Dartford William W Sayer view
1930 Frederick W Chatten - married Aylsham, Norfolk Rachel L Stevens view
1930 Gertrude M Chatten - married Mitford distict Frank G Claxton view
1930 James Chatten Rachel Ann Croll view
1930 James Edward Chatten Lily E M Bush view
1930 Laura R Chatten Leslie Hudson Chapman view
1930 Lily Chatten Arthur Tillotson view
1930 Lucy Chatten - married W Ham John E T Wright view
1930 Mona E G Chattin - married Dudley James H Dicken view
1930 Nelly Chatton - married Bolton Thomas Gavagan view
1930 Reginald Chatten Maud Mabel Meek view
1930 Sheila E M Chatten Arthur W Minns view
1931 Albert Chatten - married Birmingham Violet F Taylor view
1931 Annie Chatten - married Middlesbro Frederick Woodhouse view
1931 Dolly E Chatten - married Dudley Bert L Hughes view
1931 Doris M Chatten Harold T Charman view
1931 Ellen A Chatten - married Willesden John R Eaton view
1931 Emma Chatton - married Bolton Henry Mills view
1931 Frederick Chatten Gertrude Woodward view
1931 Mabel Diana Chatten Walter Reginald Hewett view
1931 Marjorie Chatten - married Freebridge-Lynne William E Vaughn view
1931 Ramsey Henry Chatten Kathleen Alice Elizabeth Plummer view
1931 William Chatten - married West Bromwich Mary E Griffiths view
1931 William Chatton - married Bolton district Daisy Elizabeth Mortimer view
1931 William George Chatten Miriam Joynson view
1932 Benjamin Chatten Rose Ablett view
1932 Elsie M Chatten - married Middlesbro Joseph C Easley view
1932 Emily E Chatten - married Birmingham Sidney A Harrison view
1932 Hannah L Chatten Robert Payne view
1932 John M Chatten - married Norwich Elsie M Marshall view
1932 Joseph Chatten - married Longford near Coventry Eliza A Humphris view
1933 Alice E Chatten Bertram W Dowle view
1933 Clare Chatten - married Wangford district Samuel G Davey view
1933 Elsie M Chatten - married Stourbridge district James T Davies view
1933 Ernest Chattin - married Cockermouth district Elsie Addison view
1933 Eva Ellen Chatten Alfred Reginald Blundell view
1933 George Chatten Violet Stevenson view
1933 George A Chatton - married Thanet Bertha G Hobbins view
1933 Hugh Chatten Catherine M Cook view
1933 James Thomas Chatten Winifred Ethel Balls view
1933 Louise N Chatton - married Tynemouth Herbert W Peters view
1933 Mary Chatten - married in Dewsbury Henry Pickering view
1933 May G Chatten - married in Norwich Robert E Cullum view
1933 Robert J Chatten Florence A L Morgan view
1933 Sidney James Chatten Norah Squires view
1933 Thomas Henry Chatton Lily Jennings view
1933 Winifred E Chatten Albert Anguish view
1933 Viola M Chatten Edward W J Leitch view
1934 Clement J Chatten Sarah Ellen Patricia Russell view
1934 Doris Chattin - married Birmingham Albert G Beasmore view
1934 Dorothy M Chattin - married Swansea Richard E Williams view
1934 Elsie M Chatton - married West Ham Frank C Raven view
1934 Jack M Chattin Bertha Bullock view
1934 Nora Chatten John Henry Johnston view
1934 Percy W J Chatten Jeannie L Langley view
1934 Phyllis M Chatton Ernest H Patrick view
1934 Laura Chatten Harold Jones view
1934 Olive M Chatten Leonard Faux view
1934 Rita A M Chatten - married N W Surrey Leonard J W Chapman view
1934 William Chattin - married Kingswinford Evelyn E Shaw view
1935 Alfred Chatten Elsie Brown view
1935 Elsie M Chatten - married Woolwich Ned Goouch view
1935 Frederick L Chatten Winifred Olive Mew view
1935 George H Chatten Queenie R Abbott view
1935 Gilbert W Chatten Helena K Shakeshoff view
1935 Gladys E Chattin - married Walsall Albert E Harper view
1935 Harry W P Chatten Robina V Bruce view
1935 Herbert H Chatten Jessie M Sprank view
1935 Ida Easter Chatten Nevill William Lewis view
1935 Isaac Thomas Chatten Lucy N Shield view
1935 Ivy B Chatten James H A Baker view
1935 John Chattin - married Wednesbury Gladys M James view
1935 Kathleen A Chatten Arthur H E Jolliffe view
1935 Lilian M Chatten Norman Benham view
1935 Olive V Chatten - married Tynemouth Sydney P Luke view
1935 Richard Charles Chatten Emily Fitch view
1935 Sarah Elsie Chatten - married Dublin William Joseph Mahon view
1935 Terrance Chatton Vivienna Anderson view
1935 William Chatton - married Lanchester Edith Coxon view
1935 Doris Chatten - married Auckland Herbert W Witham view
1936 Albert Chatton - married Farnworth Mary Slater view
1936 Dorothy M Chattin - married Wandsworth Robert J Ody view
1936 Edith E Chatten - married Grimsby Charles R Goddard view
1936 Ethel M Chatten - married Lothingland Arthur E H Nunn view
1936 George Chatton - married Hemel Hempstead Edith M Floyd view
1936 Grace E Chatten - married Woolwich George Abnett view
1936 James T Chattin - married Dudley Mary Dunn view
1936 Mabel Chattin - married Birmingham Horace W Partridge view
1936 Margaret L Chatten - married Woolwich George E Wimhurst view
1936 Rose M Chatten - married Sheppey Arthur Goodman view
1936 Thomas James Chattin - married Wandsworth Florence A Vanhay view
1936 William J Chatten - married Wainford Mabel C Croft view
1937 Audrey M Chatten - married Depwade district William H Wood view
1937 Barbara E Chatten - married Tendring district William A Stiff view
1937 Elizabeth Chatten - married Rowley district John Crew view
1937 Ethel C Chatten - married Wainford district Robert E Remblence view
1937 Frederick Chatten - married Wirral Agnes M Stokoe view
1937 Gwendoline D Chatten - married Depwade District Leonard J Whitehead view
1937 Herbert G Chatten - married Depwade District Elizabeth Peck view
1937 Herbert H C Chatten - married Blyth District Dorothy Gwendoline Newson view
1937 Lawrence Chattin - married Epping District Annie L White view
1937 Mary E Chatten - married Mitford District Stanley G Revell view
1937 Mary J Chatten - married Stourbridge District Thomas Grove view
1937 Phoebe Chattin - married Dudley District Albert W Hodgkiss view
1938 Albert E Chatten - married Bury St Edmunds Kathleen E Balls view
1938 Cecil E Chatten - married Halstead Winifred S Bugbee view
1938 Charles H J Chatton - married Dartford Eva F Wickham view
1938 Dorothy Chatton - married Newcastle-Upon-Tyne William Halliday view
1938 Ethel L Chatten - married Woolwich Frank C Monk view
1938 Evelyn Chattin - married Rowley Regis John James view
1938 Geoffrey Chattin - married Lothingland Kathleen M Curtis view
1938 George W Chatten - married Wandsworth Irene M Funnell view
1938 George W Chatten - married Knaresborough Ellen Pickering view
1938 Gladys Chattin - married Birmingham Arthur Ingleston view
1938 James Chatton - married Lanchester Irene Bruce view
1938 Lilian E M Chattin - married Walsall William N Anderson view
1938 Norah M Chatten - married Depwade district Jack Collins view
1938 Robert W Chatten - married Warwick Elizabeth M Whale view
1938 Sydney J R Chatten - married Rochford Doris R Lambert view
1938 Theresa Chatton - married Lanchester Joseph Pine view
1938 William G Chatten - married Wandsworth Kathleen M Canterbury view
1939 Edith M Chatten Harry E Bloomfield view
1939 Edna M Chatten George R Jones view
1939 Edward Chatten Clara Clarke view
1939 Elsie E M Chatten Charles E J Smith view
1939 Ernest G Chatten Rhoda M Keable view
1939 Ernest J Chatten Gladys M Cooper view
1939 Ethel E J Chatton John O'brien view
1939 Frederick W Chatten Doris Jackson view
1939 Harry C Chatten Winifred J Baldock view
1939 Jane E Chatten Henry A Scott view
1939 John Chattin Louisa Fradgley view
1939 Josephine F Chatten Matthew A Mcbryde view
1939 Louisa F Chatton David A Baty view
1939 Peter W Chattin Irene E Ramsey view
1939 Reginald F W Chatten Marjorie S Giraud view
1939 Ruth Chatten - married Middlesbrough Henry Tismond view
1939 Samuel Chatten - married Norwich Rosa M Newstead view
1939 William F Chatten - married Willesden Joan O Seamark view
1940 Albert Chattin Edna M Thompson view
1940 Albert H Chattin Josephine M Thomas view
1940 Amy Doris Chatten Arthur Ginger view
1940 Charles E Chatten Dorothy Kirk view
1940 Charles George Chatten - married Sheppey Gladys Wellby view
1940 Edith Chatten - married Woolwich Arthur C Sims view
1940 Edith Chatten - married Liverpool Harold D'Arcy view
1940 Edith E Chatten - married Cleethorpes Amos D Hubbard view
1940 Ethel Chatten Lawrence Jones view
1940 Horace E Chatten Doris A Seaton view
1940 Hugh Victor Chattin Gwenllian Davies view
1940 Ivy Maud Chattin Benjamin Walker view
1940 Joan I Chatten John H G Jarvis view
1940 John Charles Graham Chatten Helen Boyd Baldwin view
1940 Joseph Cyril Chattin Phyllis May Rabey view
1940 Lily Chatten Harry Harpham view
1940 Percy William J Chatten Hilda M Pye view
1940 Stanley Horace Samuel Chatten Pauline Krofitsch view
1940 Sylvia May Chatten Harry Needham view
1940 Walter Chatten Gladys M J Carter view
1940 Wilfred Chatten Sylvia L Mortimer view
1941 Dorothy E Chatten Joseph Ball view
1941 Elsie M Chatten Jack S Marsh view
1941 Florence Chatten Ernest Harbour view
1941 George Arthur Chatten Elizabeth M Bruce view
1941 George Edward B Chatten Annie Swinden view
1941 Harry Chatten Amy Halliday view
1941 Herbert G Chatten Winifred M Gotobed view
1941 Ivy Maud Chatten Herbert John Brunning view
1941 Joan E Chatten John W Ayers view
1941 John Lane Chatten May Charlotte Bates view
1941 Joyce M Chatten William T Sheffield view
1941 Phoebe M Chattin Leslie Wheeler view
1941 Reginald Maurice Chatten Muriel E Lane view
1942 Cyril Henry Chatton Laura Allen view
1942 Doris Chatten George Wardle view
1942 Doris C K Chatten Norman Phillip Harwood view
1942 George William Chatten Annie Henderson view
1942 Herbert L Chatten Vera Defrae view
1942 Hilda Chatten Noel A Saywell view
1942 Mildred I Chattin Harry E Mitchell view
1942 Raymond D Chatton Nellie Irene Haywood view
1942 Rose M Chatten Robert Weston view
1942 William Chatton Millicent Humphries view
1942 William Chatton Millicent Humphreys view
1942 William Thomas Chatten Elsie Lillian Miller view
1943 Albert G Chatton Marjorie King view
1943 Albert G Chatten Betty McBeath view
1943 Alfred H Chatten Mary Isabella Stewart view
1943 Charles Robert Chatten Ethel May Gibson view
1943 Dorothy M Chatten John A Hardingham view
1943 Esther Maud Chatten George James Chatten Jarrold view
1943 Eva K Chatten William Harper view
1943 Frank W Chattin Dorothy M Rogers view
1943 Grace M Chatten Quentin E Swain view
1943 Herbert Bramwell Chatten Dorothy M Curtis view
1943 Iren Chatten Leonard G Poulton view
1943 John Thomas Chatten Evelyn Jessie Baxter view
1943 John Thomas (Jack) Chatten Dolina Morrison view
1943 Lionel Geoffrey Chatten Edith Mabel Wilson view
1943 Patricia D Chatton Albert Harold Thumpston view
1943 Reginald A Chatten Jane Morris view
1943 Rizpah M G Chatten Ernest Carling view
1943 Ronald K Chatten Lilian D Whitaker view
1943 Winifred D Chatton Leslie A Andrews view
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